Kaia Gerber Steams Up the Screen as She Strips Naked for the Sex Scene on Premiere Episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature Death Valley (34 Pics)

Cindy Crawford‘s daughter Kaia Gerber steams up the screen as she strips naked for sex scene on premiere episode of “American Horror Story: Double Feature Death Valley” (2021).

The actress plays college student who begins sleeping with her professor and the pair are shown romping in her room. She then confides in her pal, played by Rachel Hilson, before the pair decide to go camping in the desert with two gay pals.

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But the group cut their trip short when they find a field of mutilated cows. But as they try to leave the desert, they are abducted by aliens. They’re not sure what has happened to them after they are snatched through a bright white light but then returned to their car – until a few days later when they all begin to feel sick – and discover all four of them, including the guys, are pregnant. American Horror Story: Death Valley also stars Sarah Paulson, Neal McDonough. Lily Rabe, Cody Fern and Angelica Ross and features a deadly alien conspiracy.






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