Ben Hardy & Olivia Cooke Out for a Romantic and Affectionate Stroll in Primrose Hill (17 Photos)

The Eastenders and X-Men actor Ben Hardy seems determined to enjoy a beautiful sunny day out in the capital and who better to spend it with then the Vanity Fair actress Olivia Cooke, 03/23/2020.

The pair took an affectionate romantic stroll around Primrose Hill despite the fears of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK and government procedures not to do out unless its neccessary to do so.

The couple stopped by the Cowshed but unaware of the vast amount of shops closing due to COVID-19 in London, the pair seemed a little bewildered on what to do next.

But nothing like a little PDA coupled with a kiss between the should do the trick as they sat down with Ben enjoying a cigarette in the sunshine.



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