Tori Spelling Slips Into Her Swimsuit with Dean McDermott (46 Photos)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott get into their swimsuits for a Mother’s Day pool party at the beach with their brood Saturday at an Orange County beach resort.

Tori got a massage from a professional massage therapist while sitting in the Jacuzzi with Dean, her daughters, and her sons. Tori spent a lot of time with Stella, her mini-me oldest daughter, and her husband Dean at the pool party.

She and Dean kissed and hugged, laughed, and told stories as the kids swam around during the D.J. provided party at the pool. Tori waited in the jacuzzi, wearing a bizarre outfit. She had a one-piece bikini underneath, showing off her thong in the back. The outfit looked like a hybrid swimsuit dress.




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